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Zayn|Music  -  Testimonials

"One is Esperanza Spalding, another is Hiromi, and I’m mentoring a young wonderful guitarist who's in the same category of brilliance, Zayn Mohammed, a brilliant guitarist...he’s one of the three that are making, that level that I’m talking about.” - Ahmad Jamal 


"In my opinion, an incredible performer, a consummate artist, great guitarist, great musician and a visionary!" - Tony Visconti 


"Zayn has a been an outstanding performer,  because he shows what guitar is all about. Its about invention, it's about personality...he's truly a star." - George Benson


"Zayn is insanely, insanely talented, oh my God, It felt natural to jam with him!" - Lianne La Havas 

"Zayn is an enormously creative guitarist. He's got a whole range of knowledge and understanding that allows him to deal with any situation" - Nitin Sawhney

"He's a fantastic player! He know's exactly what he's doing!" - Tony Iommi


"Technically absolutely amazing. Emotionally brilliant. Everything was fantastic about it!" - Melvin Benn (Latitude festival founder)

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