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Facets of curiousity

Zayn found this video to be an incredibly lovely, moving & inspiring work. 'Transoceanic conversation between two characters' - a cute stop motion movie with a powerful, didactic ending - see if you find meaning in the beautiful message, from this wonderful & deeply metaphysical piece entitled "Bottle" by Kirsten Lepore. Enjoy.

Sunphony  - by Zayn Mohammed 2015

The sun's every ray has been perfectly orchestrated,

timed and constructed to shine on every particular moment that it does, tuned to beam at every particular place.

The sun never says to the dark "Make way for me", it shows the dark its own purpose and beauty and makes way for it, instead.

Such is the way of light, its illumination only loved more, through its playful teasing - departing only to arrive and shine the way again.

What perfect beat this eternal rhythm of mystery. The swing of the king pendulum swings to this beat.

Such is the way of light, the way of pulsation. Everything graciously vanishing so that Nothing may manifest Everything, Anything again. Such is the way of illumination upon darkness.

The endless birth and rebirthing, rejoicing and longing, endless dancing in the intervals between these moments, outside the bounds of time. These moments that make drinking from the cup of light so sweet.

Darkness may make any heart brighter, for where there is dark, there is light's invitation to perform in the grand opening!

What more perfect setting for light to perform its song and dance of love, than on the stage of darkness?

It is not an insistent, constant pitch. Perfect intonation and rhythm such is the way of the  illumination,

Space, place and divine tremolo waves of golden intentions of Nothingness.

Every moment of illumination from the sun, and every moment one were to think it's light had vanished,
He completely arranged, before time was even born.

Every single golden beam that shone pre-ordained, composed on a musical score of light, by the greatest of all composers,

surely He has access to the greatest instruments, the instruments of existence,

putting together the greatest orchestras all playing one beautifully, perfectly timed and synchronised symphony of tension, release light and dark, love even for fear.

No realm - no player ever skips a beat, all virtuosos, kissing longingly whilst they unite to play their mellifluous melody of love. Only the harmony of love is perfection.

Every note a purposeful, perfect bright ray of reason, complete accuracy and melodious meaning in the sublime cacophony of Divine will.

The end is the beginning, the beginning the end in the perfect polished mirrors of the Absolute's reflection, of Himself, in this eternal canonic symphony.

The real symphony of the Absolute. The true symphony of passion that is the causality of You, I and all that is, was and will be.

The ever expanding universe of light that unfolds is merely but a single, small eyelash growing casually out of Him. Like one single ray of light to the Sun.


Kakemono - 19th Century Japanese Silk Kakejiku

SOUL ID - By Zayn Mohammed 2013

Ah? Passports state one’s identity? Right. Who then is Zayn?
When you’ve two or three, feel my strife, my plight. Who then is Zayn?

Know thyself? My name not enough? I’ve seen my face before!
Mother’s womb, my source, that suffice? Need more, who then is Zayn?

No, the real source is not maternal ID - He himself
In knowing Him, I know real me. Paradise. Free. Who then is Zayn?

When born to die, but die to live, names but only tags,
of bodies: Love’s rent-a-homes, for souls, which give! Who then is Zayn?

I bow to Him, we rise for Him, one lives for Him, I go.
It is He who takes, gives His body or soul. No price. Who then is Zayn?

Hafiz questioned not answered. His blessed soul may still seek Truth.
Who then was Hafiz? Did he not know, who then, is Zayn?

In searching, I asked Him, body with no soul knows no-thing.
He knows all - so tied my soul to Him, tight “Who then is Zayn?”

He answered me, before we came to be. “You are of me!”
Everything…One. You’re me, I’m you - surprise! Who then is Zayn?

When one heart were ordered to beat, no aid from maternal cord,
A soul was born, will never mourn or die. What then is Zayn?


Mandala of Amitayus, Tibet, 19th century, Rubin museum of Art

The Highest Gift

A billion times God has turned man
Into Himself

You stand in line for the
Highest gift
For his generosity cannot end.

But best to bring an instrument along
While waiting in the cold desert

And make some dulcet sounds
To accompany the palms’ swaying arms
That are casting silhouettes
Against the sky’s curtain
From our fire

Remind the Friend of your desire
And great patience.

A billion times God has turned man
Back into Herself.

We all stand in line
For the highest



Sultan Fatih Mehmet II, smelling a flower.

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